About the Shop

Welcome to Juliana's Craft Boutique! I, Juliana am the creator of your favorite unique, hand made, totally functional products. I strive to bring out the best of me and my life long artistic skills in every piece I make to provide you with the best of the best. Everything I create is hand made just for you! I have been an artist basically my whole life and constantly want to share my work with the world. My business first started on my kitchen table, and I slowly inched my way into a garage studio where all the magic happens. I started this business with some cutting boards and wine glasses and it has developed into so much more than I ever could have imagined! All of my products are made with my own two hands and many hours are put into designing and creating something you will love. Here's a peak my garage studio; it's not pretty but it sure gets the job done and definitely does not stay this clean for long! This is where I spend many hours, day and night doing what I love, and I hope to share my love with you as well!
Made with love, JF